Carly Fiorina’s Boss John McCain Trashes Wall Street Fat Cats

“I don’t know the details” of McCain spokesbot Carly Fiorina‘s severance package from HP back in 2005, said John McCain to Meredith Vieria on NBC this morning. Oh honey. She doesn’t even work for me and I know the details of her fat cat severance package! I learned about it on the Wikipedia, which is her first Google result. (Google is the preferred McCain camp vetting process!) It goes like this: “Under Hewlett-Packard’s severance agreement, Carly Fiorina received US$21 million in cash, which was 2.5 times her base annual salary. On March 8, 2006, two large institutional investors filed suit against Hewlett-Packard for violating its own severance cap when it doled out a multimillion-dollar payment to Fiorina as part of her termination agreement. After Fiorina’s departure from Hewlett-Packard in 2005, the company quickly prospered….”

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