Carla Bruni Buries Final Stake in the Heart Of Heavy Metal


Even lovely French First Lady Carla Bruni must play second fiddle to Sir Paul McCartney on a televised musical performance. I mean, given! Everyone knows that, and I doubt her husband Nicolas Sarkozy will be putting up much stink when he’s front row at the taping for Jools Holland‘s Later next month in England, sampling new “Arcade Fire meets Led Zeppelin” tracks by the former Beatle. But you know which band Bruni does trump on the evening’s four-band bill? Metallica. Goddamn Metallica! Which is maybe the pussiest thing that’s ever happened. And just when it seemed you couldn’t be more of an embarrassment, James Hetfield. (Also, can New York please get a Jools Holland-like show?) [Telegraph]

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