‘Father Felony’ Bilks Flock, Dodges Jail, Scores Book Deal

LIVING ON THE LAMB Radic pre-sentencing, post arrest (inset)

Maybe the $102,000 BMW should have tipped off churchgoers in Ripon, California (pop. 14,000), that Pastor Randall Radic was up to no good. But they never imagined he was illegally selling their church (and his soul) right out from under them. The pastor forged papers for a $200,000 loan, using the church as collateral, then sold the house of worship for $525,000 before authorities caught up with him.

He’s due to be sentenced Thursday, and as forgiving as his God-loving flock might be, many of them have been pushing for a full 16-month maximum sentence. It looks, however, like he won’t serve any more than the six months he’s already spent behind bars awaiting trial. Instead, AP reports today, he’s snitched on a cellmate and cut a deal.

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