Cancer on the Lido Deck: Something’s Fishy on the S.S. Scientology

Our astute commenters, some affiliated with Scientologist agitators Anonymous and folks from, are all over the church spokesperson’s claim that the Freewinds is going to be ready in time for a May 8 CCHR cruise, as scheduled. In what seems to be a recording of a call to the booking number for the cruise, an operator tells the Anonymous caller that the trip has been delayed due to the ongoing work being done on the boat. It’s dry docked, in fact, says the operator, just a week before the scheduled departure. That’s a far cry from, “The Freewinds will be completing its refit on schedule,” which a Scientology spokeswoman claimed in an earlier e-mail to Radar.

Cancer on the Lido Deck? Scientology Responds
Cancer on the Lido Deck: Scientology Cruise Ship Rife with Asbestos?

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