Can Copperfield Escape Disaster?

USE YOUR ILLUSION Copperfield (Photo: Getty Images)
What’s the scarier Halloween costume: a knife wielding, psychotic maniac (O.J. is played out, by the way) or the world’s most famous island-owning magician? In years past, the answer would have been simple, but given the events of the past week, David Copperfield costumes are likely to outsell even Karl Rove masks or, say, slutty cat costumes.

Embroiled in rape charges, lawsuits from angry South Asians, and raids on his secret magic warehouse, Copperfield’s obvious recourse to his less-than-ideal week would be making himself disappear. Assuming he’s tried and failed at that, the next best thing would involve consulting the soothsaying oracles of public relations. After the jump Howard Bragman of 15 Minutes PR and Ronn Torossian or 5W PR weigh in on the man with the magic snake.

David Copperfield, you’re in the PR/ER!

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