Calling All Singletons: Delta Burke’s Back


Brace yourselves, ladies! Have you watched so many Bridezillas reruns that you feel like your eyes might bleed? Do you get feverish when you realize you forgot to DVR TLC’s wedding gown reality series Say Yes to the Dress? Well, Hallmark Channel has got your number.

We can hardly wait to tell you that, coming this winter, Delta Burke is returning to the little screen as a romance novelist named Dahlia Marchand. Says the breathless press release: “It’s a literal race to the alter when a steamy romance novelist with a long line of torrid romances—and ex husbands—sets out to help a desperately single bachelorette ditch her bridesmaid gowns once and for all in “Bridal Fever” [sic].

The made-for-TV froth-fest is coming on February 9, appropriately timed for all you sad saps who have no Valentine’s Day plans other than getting funny feelings down there as you stare at your Zac Efron calendars.

Now excuse us, the kitties are getting hungry.

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