California Voters Get Chance To Be As Retarded As Alabama’s

  • Good news for people who love petty drama and the machinations of left- and right-wing political organizations! The ballot initiative in California to amend the Constitution to define marriage as an arrangement solely between a man and a woman is so on. Yesterday, the Secretary of State, Debra Bowen (who is no Katherine Harris), certified (via random sampling!) the signatures on the petition for the amendment. Apparently they were not all fake and so it is now California Supreme Court—which just asserted the right of same-sexers to marry—versus the people. Gay marriages will commence in just a couple of weeks. Perhaps come voting day in November, the good people of California will join the 27 other states that have idiotically amended their Constitutions. Added bonus: This puts gays in an awkward position. Do you have to return the gifts when your marriage gets outlawed? Should you accept them in the first place, if you’re possibly only going to be married for a few months? Expect a flood of small claims lawsuits, as that is an issue, clearly, that only the courts can decide.

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