Bye, Bye! Turkish Hackers Hit McLaughlin

WRONG! A message from McLaughlin’s Turkish antagonists

Many Washington insiders consider John McLaughlin‘s imperious, shouty demeanor sort of endearing. But it looks like he’s pissed off some Turkish dudes.

The McLaughlin Group website—or at least a part of it—was temporarily hijacked by Turkish hackers this morning. While the main page of appeared to function normally, Groupies who hoped to spend this Yom Kippur poring over old McLaughlin Group transcripts (considered a form of atonement in certain circles), found themselves redirected to a black-and-red website emblazoned with an image of a soldier, the words “Turkish hackers,” and what appeared to be propaganda attacking the Kurdistan Worker’s Party, a Turkish separatist group. The site also automatically streamed audio of a fiery speech in what sounded like Turkish, backed by Middle-Eastern-sounding music. [Screen cap after the jump]

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