By the Numbers: Sarah Palin’s $7,050 “Style Team”

INVOICE STEVE SCHMIDT! Palin (Photo: Getty Images)

“Average hockey mom” Sarah Palin’ choice of wardrobe at the Republican National Convention was not so befitting of an average hockey mom, Page Six reported today. Her jacket was a $2,500 “shantung silk” number from Italian designer Valentino! By contrast, the designer dress Michelle Obama took flack for wearing cost $900. That’s not the least of it: while the Times notes that “Michelle Obama apparently pulls off the feat of getting dressed on her own,” Palin seemingly employs a “secretive circle of stylists who dress her for events.”

Those sartorial guns-for-hire aren’t cheap, either. Since Page Six doesn’t hazard a guess as to how much Palin actually spent pulling together her “look” for the RNC, we asked the styling team of Jill Bream and Carmel Lobello—they’ve worked with Jay-Z and Pink, among others—to estimate the total dollar amount invested in Palin folksy, blue-collar aesthetic:

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