Buy Your Way Into The Fashion Pack

THEY’LL HAVE YOUR SCALP Salesman, Wintour (inset)

Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! As everybody who is anybody should know, the magical three-ring circus that is New York’s Fashion Week kicks off in only 10 days. Not an editrix-in-training? Finding your mailbox disastrously void of glossy invites? It turns out you can buy yourself a seat in the Tent at Bryant Park (dignity not included).

A company called In The Know Experiences is offering “VIP” seats and the full madcap fashion experience at shows ranging from Carolina Herrera to Vera Wang—for a price. Slap down some dough, and you too can rub shoulders with the likes of Anna Wintour, Glenda Bailey, and all of the twittering associate editors who follow in their wake. You might even nab a seat next to Radar‘s favorite socialite, Tinsley Mortimer. The only hitch? Buying your way into Fashion Week, an industry event for press and buyers, is just about the saddest thing anyone could ever do. We suspect the only takers will be grim day traders from Jersey hoping for a shot at an underage model and spoiled tweens from Duluth with glittery Lauren Conrad dreams.

We suggest you avoid such social suicide and instead check back here for news of all those bitchy front row asides and runway fiascos. We’ll be there, for our sins.

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