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Business Week Hates on Page’s Wedding


Tomorrow, Google co-founder and multibillionaire Larry Page takes Lucy Southworth‘s lovely hand in holy matrimony in a not-so-secret “secret” wedding in the British Virgin Islands. According to Business Week, though, it may just be the worst decision of Page’s life. On the eve of what should be Page’s most glorious day (well, other than the IPO), BW editor Zoe Galland has fired off a stern warning about what will happen following the inevitable Page and Southworth split. “Prenuptial agreements are important, but they’re no guarantee of a satisfactory split if things go south,” Galland writes. “High-profile mudfest” divorces are the norm. “Money doesn’t buy happiness, even if you’re capable of spending billions.” You hear that, Larry? DON’T DO IT! (Also, call us!)