Bonds, Bush, and ‘Roids

IN A BOND Bonds, Bush (inset) (Photos: Getty Images)

Put aside for a moment the Middle East debacle. Former Texas Rangers owner George W. Bush is letting baseball go to hell, too. The man who said he “wanted to be Willie Mays” when he grew up (thankfully, there’s still time), has kept mum on Barry Bonds’s controversial home-run chase.

The silence is perplexing, especially considering Bush’s previous pledge to crack down on alleged steroid users in his 2004 State of the Union speech. He’s also know for having grilled a Sports Illustrated writer on the Bonds issue during a White House visit.

When contacted by Radar last week, various White House spokesmen declined to go on record about whether America’s most powerful baseball fan was going to publicly congratulate or condemn Bonds after he tied or broke Hank Aaron’s home-run record (Bonds tied the record Saturday night in San Diego). Could it be a result of allegations made by Jose Canseco in his 2004 book Juiced, in which Canseco says Bush was fully aware of his Rangers players using steroids when he owned the team?

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