Bush To Let New Guys Make All New Mistakes


Out with the old: Lame duck-in-chief President Bush plans on replacing Generals Abizaid and Casey next week with new guys who will carry out his troop increase plans without any lip.

The high court: During his attempt to break a prescription drug addiction in 1981, former Chief Justice William Rehnquist became delusional and tried to escape from a hospital in his pajamas. God bless FBI files.

Mom stampede: A mad dash for seats at an Oprah taping has resulted in a fall and unspecified injuries for one fan and a lawsuit for the billionaire media mogul.

In cold blood money: A judge has frozen the advance O.J. Simpson received for his scrapped book, If I Did It. Juice claims he’s already spent the unknown amount. We assume the money went toward the ongoing search for his wife’s real killers.

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