Bush Buddies’ Bogus Busts

Making learning fun: The NY Public Library causes a stir by decking the halls with fake mug shots of President Bush and cronies. Rumsfeld said to be considering Botox after seeing his faux police snapshot.

Gov. love: Fingernator Arnold Schwarzenegger suggests George Clooney take over the Golden State throne in 2010. We’re already voting for Fabio, though.

To be continued: The studios make the striking screenwriters an offer they can refuse … but they do. The writers’ union calls the latest offer “far too stingy.”

Boys only: Barack Obama concludes this week’s Hillary scuffles with a stinging backhand, telling Time magazine he’d offer her husband a job in his administration “in a second,” and that “there are few more talented people” than Bill Clinton.

Down with downward-facing dog: Pat Robertson confirms that stretching is good but says yoga’s still evil. Child porn, rape, murder … we’ll get to that. It’s this yoga that’s the real God-slayer.

Stagecraft: R&B’s favorite underage dry humpist Akon faces misdemeanor charges for flinging a 15-year-old into the crowd at a concert last June.

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