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Team Britney Slaps Sam Lutfi With Restraining Order

AIN’T THAT A BITCH Lutfi, Spears, London

The full details of Lynne Spearsrestraining order against daughter Britney‘s “manager,” Sam Lutfi, are out. If even a fraction of the accusations are true, Lutfi is even more of a manipulative, vindictive monster than anyone could have imagined.

Lutfi, whose LinkedIn profile lists him a USC-educated “Independent Media Production Professional” (no graduation date is given; calls to the school have not yet been returned), has essentially been a bloodsucking parasite from the moment he met Spears. According to a Nexis search, his name first appeared with Spears’ in October 2007, when he is referred to by Life & Style as the Spears “buddy” who allegedly stole her diary and tried to sell it to the British tabloids for $2 million. He, of course, denied doing so.

It’s all been downhill from there. Among Lynne Spears’ claims in the six-page declaration, which mandates that Lutfi stay at least 250 yards away from Spears, the UCLA Medical Center, her parents’ home, and her children’s homes:

• Lutfi “disabled” all of Spears’ cars to prevent her from leaving her house.

• During a fight, he called Spears an “unfit mother, a piece of trash, and a whore … [who] does not deserve her kids.”

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