Federline Bares His, Children’s Teeth

BAD MOUTHING Federline, Spears

Li’l yuck mouths: Britney Spears is investigated for “child abuse” as it pertains to the dental hygiene of her kids and their sleeping arrangements. Rumors swirl that babiesdaddy Kevin Federline lodged the complaints.

“Tater” tale: How the hell does a sitting U.S. Senator get arrested, then plead guilty to lewd conduct and manage to keep it quiet for three months? Ask Larry Craig (R-Idaho). [via Talking Points Memo]

Long distance plan: Competitors in the annual mobile phone throwing contest fail to crack the 95-meter record. Clearly, Naomi Campbell did not compete.

Freeing Spector: Lawyer Bruce Cutler fires his client, Wall of Soundsmith Phil Spector, over a difference in strategy. Cutler was more a “not guilty” kind of guy, while Spector was more inclined to go with a “batshit crazy” approach.

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