Britney Heading to Rockies Rehab?

HIGH LIFE Spears(Photo: Getty Images)

Musician, thespian, and soon-to-be aunt Britney Spears, currently a resident of sunny Los Angeles, is contemplating a move to Denver, Colorado. The reason for the relocation, of course, is that the city’s mile-high altitude heightens the effects of alcohol in the system, a quality-of-life consideration Spears is particularly fond of. Kidding! Denver just happens to house the one rehab center in the country Spears hasn’t yet spent time in, so she’s checking it out.

The Fritos-popping starlet is reportedly being accompanied by rumored boyfriend John Sundahl, who used the trip to put down a $2 million deposit on a new home in the Mile High city. The two also took a detour to the Harmony Foundation rehab facility, a “private, non-profit corporation specializing in the treatment of chemical dependency,” where Sundahl hopes she might find the help she needs to get her career back on track. He should know: In addition to being a wealthy real-estate developer, he is also Spears’ former drug counselor! With a support network like that, what could possibly go wrong?

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