Britney Hawks Britney to OK!

ON THE PAYROLL Spears(Photo: Getty Images)

Tell all y’all: Acting as her own publicist, Britney Spears calls up OK! EIC Sara Ivens and books an exclusive tell-all interview.

Delusions of normalcy: Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez have convinced themselves that they are “so normal.” Now on to convincing anyone else.

Book ’em: Facebook impresario and college drop-out Mark Zuckerberg heads to court this week to face allegations that he stole the website’s idea, source code, and business plan from his Harvard classmates.

Dumb Mitt: Man on a mission Mitt Romney is photographed holding a sign comparing Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to Osama bin Laden.

Wizardry nation: Kids and nerds across the country bought 8.3 million copies of the newest Harry Potter book in 24 hours, shattering records and stealing business away from the latest Harry Potter movie. Resulting in a catastrophe of box office proportions.

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