Brit’s D&G Endorsement Hardly Mutual


Britney‘s days of pimping for Pepsi may be long gone, but she’s not afraid to wear her brand loyalty on her sleeve—or in this case, on her head, along with that curiously scraggly white-girl weave. Spears has been conspicuously sporting a pair of <a href="
” target=”_blank”>Dolce and Gabbana shades emblazoned with the Italian design duo’s signature “D” and “G” at nearly every recent public appearance. The sunglasses in question are, according to promo material, made for “a focused and very demanding consumer,” and the glasses are described as “imposing yet soft and sensual, providing the face with a mysterious and imperious air.”

The only mystery left in this particular pantyless pop tart is how she procured the glasses. “I know for certain that we did not gift them to her,” said the Dolce & Gabbana spokeswoman. “And that she did not buy them herself at a D&G boutique. Who knows who could be shopping for her though?” While the Italian design house may have dressed Britney for tours and videos in the very distant past, she added, “I know we haven’t dressed her recently, though I have no way of knowing if she’s been buying the brand personally.”

D&G also said they do not track sales of items, like the sparkly shades Britney wears, but that they wish her well. “I mean, of course it’s great that she’s wearing them,” the rep almost forgets to add.

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