Britney’s Karaoke Comeback

Brit Brit fans might have to wait a little longer for her much vaunted “big comeback.”

At her first performance in years, Britney made her fans wait for more than three hours before she rehashed 12 minutes of hits like “Baby One More Time” and “Toxic.” Instead of using the relatively intimate House of Blues in San Diego to debut a new track or image, Spears showed her tried and tested dance moves in a pink bra, white go-go boots, and a denim mini, proving, if nothing else, that her time at Millenium’s dance studio has paid off in lost inches.

Expecting a bit more than an “after” photo, fans had forked out up to $500 a shot for tickets to the event and were greeted with tired, lipsynched schtick. I mean, any old queen can do that with a karaoke machine. Britney, have you been ignoring our PR sages?

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