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America on Sale!

SAVINGS, BABY! British-ish guy

Though New Yorkers are busy preparing the annual Thanksgiving feast celebrating their ancestors’ massacre of the Indians and escape from British tyranny, Britons will soon be descending on their city in record numbers to take advantage of the low-valued dollar—and, presumably, the Levi’s, black tube socks, ascots, and quality dental care they can now afford.

The pound is now valued at a record $2.10 and an abundance of cheap flights depart daily from London. Compare that to our own shriveling or non-existent Christmas bonuses, a looming recession, and the sub-prime mortgage crisis. Let’s face it, our English speaking brethren across the pond are our best hope for a bountiful holiday consumer season. After the jump, a rundown of savings brought on by the piss poor dollar. Hey, Brits! Big sale in America! Everything must go!

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