Bringing Up Hillary

SHOW ME SMUG! Hillary (Photo: Getty Images)
So apparently Hillary Clinton‘s campaign isn’t totally imploding like most everyone in the world thought it was. Thankfully, the political geniuses in the media who didn’t see it coming will be making themselves available (incessantly, annoyingly available) over the next few days to help us figure out how it all happened. To prepare you for the onslaught of analysis, we offer a quick run-down of some possible explanations and undetected momentum-changers they may be talking and talking and talking about in the days ahead:

Hillary cries, Obama dies: We don’t know for certain if Clinton’s moist-eyed vulnerability helped her win back woman voters in New Hampshire, but we do know that it sure affected us.

Bill Clinton‘s pissed-off “fairytale” tirade. Were the good people of New Hampshire compelled by Bubba’s “depressing” and, uh, apparently racist vent session?

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