Rock of Love Sluts Still Slutty

AIR, BUD Michaels (Photo: Getty Images)

Last night’s installment of Rock of Love 2 confirmed two very important suppositions: 1. Bret Michaels actually sleeps in a bandanna and 2. This season sucks a whole lot more than the last one.

Season one chickenhead Rodeo made an awkward cameo this week, helping to judge the girls’ aptitude for greased-pig wrangling and various other hillbilly athletics. In the disappointing scene that ensued, the red team’s swine-catching skills won them the creepiest date in the history of the world: A fine-dining dinner served in complete darkness. At the sad, sad affair, Ambre prattled on and on in her irritating, always-excited manner while Michaels secretly slurped face with Kristy Joe. Bret eventually moved on to make out with Ambre, but after Destiny flashed a crotch shot to the night-vision camera, it seems even the producers had had enough and the date thankfully ended.

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