Breitbart’s Big Hollywood Coming Next Week!

VAN DAMMIT! Jean-Claude, in action

Shambly gossip columnist Spencer Morgan catches up with Andrew Breitbart (my favorite obsession! And fellow Tulane alum with our honcho here!) at the RNC! Apparently he was the only man not wearing a blazer at some parties in St. Paul. Breitbart’s newest Web project—he worked on the Huffington Post, is the back channel of Matt Drudge, has his own video site, and much, much more—is launching “next week,” he says. Andrew apparently was unhappy with us for recently calling his site a place for Hollywood actor-type conservatives to chit-chat á la Arianna Huffington‘s salon of inexhaustable liberal typey-typers—but he’s name-checking some good ones now. And frankly we are excited.

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