Breaking: Rich Losers, Hot Morons to Mate in Manhattan

HO DOWN Suggested T-shirt slogan

An upcoming Manhattan singles event hopes to make love matches the way nature intended: by pairing the richest dudes with the hottest chicks.

“Society has taught us to not publicly acknowledge the obvious,” reads an e-mail announcing “Natural Selection Speed Date,” to be held Feb. 7 at Bruno Jamais, an “Ultra Elegant Traditional Supper Club” on the Upper East Side. “Women want money in a man, men want beauty in a woman—this is a factual force of nature…This genetic cleansing is how the wealthy stays [sic] beautiful.”

Those who wish to be part of this Darwinian contest must first pass a screening process. Men have to meet a minimum salary requirement (annual income of $200,000 for guys under 25; more if they’re older), and women must submit five photos of themselves, to be judged by “celebrity matchmaker” Janis Spindel. Those who pass muster win the right to pony up an entry fee: $500 for guys, $50 for ladies.

What kind of schmuck would pay $500 to meet a bunch of gold-diggers?

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