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A Salute to Athletes: Half-naked Brazilian Girls Edition

It has come to Radar‘s attention that the Brazilian synchronized swim team is hot. How hot? Consider team standouts Branca and Bria Feres. In addition to great artistry in the pool, the two Olympians enjoy crimping their silky blonde hair, draping said hair over naughty parts of their tan, taut bodies, modeling cheek-flashing peek-a-boo panty sets, hugging each other, relaxing on colorful lounge furniture while wide-knit crotcheted garments barely obscure their nipples, and—presumably—telling you how funny and strong you are in Portuguese. Jesus Christ almighty, they are fricking twins.

This message brought to you by the only woman on Radar‘s online team, who somehow, suddenly, finds her coworkers indisposed….

UPDATE: A new video has been added for your weekend viewing pleasure.