Deep Down, Brad Pitt’s a Big McQueen

THE GREAT ESCAPE Jolie, Pitt, McQueen (inset)(Photo: Getty Images)

Ever wonder exactly how Angelina Jolie split up the Barbie-and-Ken union of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston (other than her mind-blowing good looks and body built for freak-nastiness)? She bested America’s favorite Friend with loads of larger-than-life Steve McQueen art, of course!

Enter Russell Young, a former photog from across the pond who decided to make a go of it in the art world. Think big, bright portraits of Jim Morrison, Elvis, Frank Sinatra. Think eye-popping silkscreens of Kate Moss. Brando. Bardot. At a party celebrating the opening of Young’s show at Milk Gallery in Manhattan, the artist spilled, “One of Brad Pitt’s heroes is Steve McQueen. Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, have both bought my Steve McQueen mug shots.”

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