What’s That You Say, Boy? Trouble At The Old Jolie Womb?


Busy week for the Brangelina bunch. Birthing twins, then shoving them buns back in the oven. But with the pregnancy confirmed and the C-section scheduled/ natural childbirth plan all ready/ birthing tub rented/midwives and Shaman on call, the still in-utero Brangie babies earn lots of tabloid ink.

According to Star and In Touch, Angelina Jolie just keeps collapsing from a host of various pregnancy problems—preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, banana peels left behind by paparazzi. We especially like the photo in Star where Angie is being helped to her feet by Brad and U2 rocker The Edge; we would trip more often if these guys would pick us up. Both mags claim that docs keep trying to put the Changeling star on bed rest and that Brad keeps “freaking out” about her health.

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