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Brad Pitt Museum Dreams Demolished

SUCH A PITY Brad(Photo: Getty Images)

That earthquake-like rumble you felt this morning was millions of middle-aged women falling from La-Z-Boys after “Brad Pitt” Google Alerts filled their inboxes with news that a museum dedicated to the unmarried daddy of four was on its way. The screams you’re about to hear will be theirs, too, because according to Springfield, Missouri, PR manager Susan Wade, “It’s not true.”

Wade, quoted in a WENN story breaking news of the museum, told OK! magazine about a running joke around their offices that Springfield should have a Brad Pitt museum because of the amount of interest travelers show in the buff thespian. But someone took the joke a little too seriously. “They changed my words. There’s no museum,” she said.

The good news here is that you now can shuffle on down to the hotbed of tourism that is Springfield and open a shrine to Pitt yourself.

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