Mags Check Notches on Ange’s Belt

FOUR SCORE Jolie, Pitt (Photo: Getty Images)
Maybe it’s all that breaking up and making up with Brad Pitt, but it appears St. Angelina may be suffering from a bout of amnesia. Girlfriend tells Cosmopolitan UK that her reputation as a man-eater is as wrong as Brad’s new clean-shaven look, claiming she’s only had four lovers—not last Wednesday but, like, ever.

Assuming Ange consummated marriages with members of her ex-hubby club, that makes Jonny Lee Miller the de-virginizer (a nice pull for her Hackers co-star) and Billy Bob Thornton the second man to plant a flag in Angelina country. Bio-baby Shiloh looks enough like Mr. Pitt that we’ll go out on a limb and say Brad’s earned a notch on Jolie’s self-proclaimed tight belt.

The weeklies are left to ponder the possibilities of the fourth man.

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