Boston Loves Them Some Fake Bombs


Anatomy of a “hoax bomb”: Boing Boing has a nice rundown of how an alleged bomb-carrying psychopath turned out to be an MIT student whose crime was not being terrified enough to constantly consider the terrorist threat at Logan International Airport. Short of finding people with real bombs, Boston authorities discover how to keep the Homeland Security bucks a flowin': a hoax bomb charge! (Complete with hoax justice.)

Shot through the heart: Once party to a lawsuit against the gun industry, Rudy Giuliani gives warm fuzzies to the NRA in D.C.

Dramatization: This shocking video of Paris, Lindsay, and Britney in a three-car pileup features an inspired cast of a Barbie, a Bratz doll, and a Troll assuming their respective likenesses.

Rich-mommy media saturation complete: One-time arts network Bravo has started shooting Manhattan Moms, a reality-type program about uppity rich ladies, their monstrous offspring, and the hilarity that inevitably ensues.

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