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Born Rich Abuser Clings to Business Plan


Will a terrible temper cost online gaming heir Luke Weil his shot at an Ivy League business degree? Weil, best known as the litigious male socialite in Jamie Johnson‘s documentary Born Rich, has been in jail since December, serving time for two separate assaults. By spreading it around that he was in rehab, Weil managed to keep his actual whereabouts under wraps—until last week, when the New York Observer blew his cover.

According to one source, Weil’s family was particularly anxious to keep his incarceration a secret so as not to interfere with his plans to obtain a master’s degree at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business. Weil took classes there last year and was scheduled to graduate with the class of 2007. He’s slated for release on Aug. 3—in plenty of time for the fall semester, although a school spokeswoman says he’s not currently registered. (Weil is listed in the Department of Corrections inmate system under his given first name, Benjamin.)

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