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Is Bonnie Fuller Full of Self-Hatred?

MOMMY IN ABSENTIA? Fuller (Photo: Getty Images)

Wednesday, tabloid overlord Bonnie Fuller posted a diatribe at the Huffington Post in which she (correctly) calls out Lynne Spears for moneygrubbing her way through motherhood. “Were you too tied up lining up meetings with record company executives, TV networks, publicists, and tour managers to check on whether you were instilling personal values and self-esteem in your daughters?” she scolds.

It’s funny Fuller would say that, given this little tidbit regarding her workaholic ways in the March 2004 issue of Vanity Fair: “In her office at Glamour, Fuller proudly hung a little valentine from one of her children that read, ‘I Love You Even Though I Mite Not See You.’ ‘Now, if I got a note like that from one of my kids, I’d cry and cry and probably take two weeks off,’ says a former staffer. ‘Bonnie hung it in her office.'”

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