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The Bonnie Fuller Book Club

WUTHERING SLIGHTS Heath, Heathcliff (inset)

Our long national nightmare is over. Huffington Post contributor and Star editor Bonnie Fuller has finally weighed in on the death of actor Heath Ledger. One suggestion for the tabloid queen: For maximum poignancy, stick to ruminations on Ledger’s “crush-worthy”-ness and avoid pesky literary references.

Writes Fuller: “A wonderful fate is surely what Ledger’s parents had in mind when they named him ‘Heath,’ short for Heathcliff. After all, how could anybody named for the most romantic male character in English literature ever not grow up to have a dramatic and wonderful life?”

Here at Radar, we don’t go in for fancy book-reading, but if she was referring to Wuthering Heights‘ Heathcliff, we seem to remember him more as a self-destructive, abusive wretch who died cynical, depressed, and alone, tormented by poor life decisions and problems with the opposite sex—or, according to some, a perverted and sadistic sexuality. Of course, she may have been alluding to the irresistible Heathcliffe Huxtable. In which case, well done, Bonnie! You nailed it.