Paps Blinded by Blue Eyes, Bangs

DOUBLE BEEF Crawford, Somerhalder (right)
Poor Lost hottie Ian Somerhalder. Seems he’s just another Hollywood cookie-cutter hard body. That fact became painfully clear at last night’s “Totally Tisch” gala benefit, where even seasoned members of the media confused the cerulean blue-eyed hunk with another aqua-peepered hottie: Gossip Girl‘s Chace Crawford.

“Photographers kept shouting ‘Chace! Chace! Over here!’ at Ian,” said a spy. The Ian and Chace identity swap must have gotten even more confusing, as witnesses say Somerhalder showed up with a Carrie Underwood look-alike blonde on his arm (Crawford and Underwood are an item). But in the end, all were grateful that triplet Zac Efron stayed home, narrowly averting the fabled but rarely seen beefcake triple stack.

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