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The Billionaire Version of a Little Debbie

NOT LIKE MAMA MADE Brownie, tranny

You’ve had a $1,000 caviar and lobster-stuffed omelet for brunch, a $750 Wagyu steak for dinner, and washed it all down with a £750 Mai Tai. What’s for dessert? If you’re willing to trek to Atlantic City, Brulee, a dessert-only restaurant in the Tropicana Casino and Resort, might have an option: a $1,000 brownie. (And no, it’s not laced with a choice selection of Humboldt County’s finest.)

Instead, it comes with gold-dusted Italian hazelnuts and a glass of port wine served in $750 Baccarat crystal (in what might be considered price-padding, you get to keep the glass). Not that you have to hustle to satiate your sweet tooth: While Manhattan eatery Nello sells 10 to 15 of its pricey slabs of meat a night, Brulee has sold only three brownies so far—to no one famous, a restaurant worker tells Radar, just “some gentleman who had just won a bundle at the casino.” The worker didn’t know exactly how much.

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