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Bill Richardson: Aliens in America

THE TRUTH It’s out there

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, for one, doesn’t seem to think longshot presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich is all that crazy for claiming to have seen a UFO. When asked about the incident during last night’s Democratic debate, Richardson declared that the government hadn’t “come clean” about Roswell, the alleged alien hangout in his home state. (He had less to say about human illegal aliens in New Mexico, presumably a more sizable group).

During the debate, Kucinich stood by his claim that a UFO hovered above his low-reaching head for 10 minutes during a 1980s visit to actress Shirley MacLaine‘s home in Washington state. Incidentally, both Dems would no doubt play well in Calcutta, where residents today are in a tizzy over a UFO sighting.

Kucinich and Richardson aren’t the only ones who seem to believe in extraterrestrial life. After the jump, a list of celebrities who claim to have seen UFOs, taken from our September 2007 issue …