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The No Fact Zone: O’Reilly Likes To Party

O’Reilly with Dan Rather at Rupert Murdoch‘s cocktail reception for Jack Welch‘s Winning, April 6, 2006

Bill O’Reilly seems to have a problem with lists. Last week, multiple sources dismissed his dubious-sounding tale of being warned by the FBI that his name was on an Al Qaeda “death list.” Now, he’s telling Newsweek he can’t get on New York City’s better guest lists to save his life: “I don’t get invited to parties. Nobody wants me.”

Well … that’s not what we’ve heard. Two prominent event planners say that they’ve invited O’Reilly to all sorts of fancy soireés over the years.

“We’ve invited him to numerous events, but he only attended two … once for [a screening of the George Clooney movie] Good Night and Good Luck, and the other time it was for Robert Duvall‘s Broken Trail,’” says a staffer in famed movie flack Peggy Siegal‘s office. Usually, sources say, he doesn’t show up. But sometimes he does! Photos after the jump …

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