Biden Calls In B-list Hollywood Favors

NOT EXACTLY OPRAH Biden, Schiff (inset)

Joe Biden believes all he needs is a little more “Mo-Joe” to reach his lofty goal of a fourth-place finish in Thursday’s Iowa caucus, so he’s rolling out the big guns to help keep his dark-horse hopes alive. And by big guns, we of course mean that bald, annoyingly omniscient guy from The West Wing, high-school dropout/character-actor Richard Schiff, aka Toby Ziegler of the White House television drama.

The some-might-say star spent the weekend barnstorming across Iowa with Biden, championing the Delaware senator as a “truth-teller” and experienced pol who wouldn’t “have to spend two or three years learning how to be president.” Schiff also took aim at the media narrative which focuses on the Democratic race as a Biden-less three-way affair involving Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Edwards. “I don’t care what CNN says, I don’t care what Fox News says, or the New York Times,” Schiff informed Iowans who presumably should care about the actor’s counsel.

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