Betsey Johnson and the Horny Hipsters


One of our favorite things to do during the shows at Fashion Week is scan the front row and see how stylish B-Listers pass the time. After all, most shows are, like, a seemingly interminable 16 minutes, and celebs are busy people! Why not multitask! Front row at Betsey Johnson, who staged a “Beat Chick” inspired collection, both Tyra Banks and Russell Simmons managed to look decidedly interested in the collection: Tyra was even sort of rockin’ out and winking at models who nailed their walks. But one table over, MisShape Leigh Lezark passed the time checking her BlackBerry, supping on Bawls Guarana, and, naturally, making out with boyfriend Max Minghella. While she didn’t so much as crack a grin as Johnson cartwheeled down the runway to close out the event, we did see something that might have been a distant cousin of the smile as she nuzzled with pretty Max while various gazelles trod the catwalk.

Expensive clothes, apparently, can be a powerful aphrodisiac.

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