Betsey Johnson, Prom-happy Patriot


Though it dared to rain on the last day of New York Fashion Week, sprightly grandma Betsey Johnson‘s spirits weren’t dimmed in the slightest. On Tuesday, inspired by her own turn as prom royalty back in 1958, the exuberant designer’s show drew out a cast of other American figures of great significance as well, like Tori Spelling, L.L. Cool J, and Leigh Lezark of the Misshapes.

And while these notables were treated to the sight of socialite Lydia Hearst in “Betsey Ross” bloomers and model Tiuu in a “Miss America”-themed tulle frock, those weren’t the only sprinklings of patriotism in the Tents on this wet September 11. Johnson rounded out the all-American celebration with four models shaking their asses while spelling out the directive “V-O-T-E” in glittery silver letters. Tori Spelling—no doubt touched—gave the flourish and Johnson’s cartwheel bow a standing ovation, all the while clad in a magenta prom-styled dress of her own.

Then the crowd grabbed all the mini bottles of Moët and freebie Betsey Johnson “Get it on” thongs they could carry and sauntered out to Sixth Avenue past a barrage of cops assigned to guard attendees. But heightened security on the anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks wasn’t at the forefront of many of Johnson’s fans’ minds. “Whoa, why so many cops?” wondered one tanned scenester. “I guess for L.L. Cool J,” replied her highlighted companion.

Yeah, we have no idea why Al Qaeda hates us either.

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