Silverman Not Actually God Among Bros

LIGHTS OUT? Silverman (Photo: Getty Images)

Yesterday, we reported that NBC’s programming broseph Ben Silverman was a great guy for reaching out to other networks in a last-ditch attempt to keep beloved football soap Friday Night Lights on air, despite the fact that no one watches it. So clutch. The news, however, isn’t all peachy.

Variety (sidenote: now for sale!) reports that Taylor Kitsch, who plays hard-boozing, lady-killing fullback Riggins, has signed on to star in the next installment of the X-Men franchise—and that he did so with with blessing of NBC brass. Great news for Kitsch, of course, except that the movie’s May 1 release date means his 2008 schedule is kind of booked. Which means NBC knows FNL isn’t coming back this year, or else they’d never have given Kitsch permission to go play Gambit in the first place.

That rumored two-hour movie of the week is actually sounding pretty good about now!

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