Beatty vs. Bening in Attention Contest


Radar obsessively tracks the boldface names in the country’s top gossip columns—Rush & Molloy, Cindy Adams, Page Six, Liz Smith, Gatecrasher, and MSNBC’s The Scoop …

Warren Beatty: Two mentions (Rush & Molloy, The Scoop). Warren Beatty’s sexual prowess was so strong that the gossips are still talking about his hundreds of famous exes, especially Carly Simon, even to this day. Beatty, ever the egoist, still thinks Simon’s 1973 classic “You’re So Vain” is about him.

Annette Bening: Two mentions (Rush & Molloy, The Scoop). Warren’s not hitting on any more songstresses now that he’s happily married to Annette Bening and has a passel of brats. Bening takes his past in stride: the American Beauty star was seen chatting up yet another of Beatty’s exes, Diane Keaton, at the Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas last Thursday.

Paris Hilton: Two mentions (Rush & Molloy, Page Six). Paris was seen posing with her new accessory, a dwarf kitten, while the most tireless man in show business, her flack Elliot Mintz, was busy sending cease and desist letters to Manhattan Mini Storage for running an ad campaign calling the blonde heiress “shallow.”

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