Barr Blames Intern for Drunken Rants

BARR TALK Roseanne(Photo: Getty Images)

Yesterday we speculated as to the validity of the drunken MySpace rants purported to be posted by Roseanne Barr and picked up and swallowed hook, line, and sinker by celebrity blogs.

Today, Roseanne posts an apologetic response on her official website to the MySpace messages that went out yesterday, stating that a misbehaving intern was responsible for the wino prose, and that she “writes only at” We can’t help but feel a bit responsible for the intern’s spurning, as it was us who originally alerted Roseanne’s publicity team (and by proxy, Roseanne) to the unchecked bloggy drama of at all.

Roseanne also slipped in the little factoid that the same intern stole a “private sex tape” (she is offering a $25,000 reward for its return) and that Perez Hilton knows something of its whereabouts.

Calls to Roseanne’s publicist were not returned by post time.

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