Barbra Streisand, Other Rich Hollywood Jews, To Help Obama Break Fundraising Record

THE MIRROR NEEDS TWO FACES Streisand (Photo: Getty Images)

Sarah Palin‘s dominance of the news cycle over the last two weeks has been a bit of a boon for Barack Obama. Panicky Democrats, who never miss a chance to worry about how they’re going to lose the next election, are more frightened than ever, even though there’s another seven weeks until the election and by that point the economy will have tanked so badly that Ralph Nader will seem like a more credible candidate for financial matters than John McCain. In any event, celebrities, who are more inclined than most of us to believe what they see on TV, are panicking most of all, fearful that the John McCain victory they’ve heard predicted might bring an end to their coke-snorting, wife-swapping, horse-sexing ways. And so they’re opening their wallets wide for Obama.

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