Barack Obama Will Cause A Thousand 9/11s

John McCain loves this new mailer, which has “Barack Obama: Not who you think he is” and the word “terrorists” and big pictures of airplanes. It’s true! We admit it, he LOVES TERRORISTS and is going to make the country all-Islam, all the time!
• Meanwhile, Obama is boring crowds silly with his talk of economic policy.
• “Only a quarter of the $600 million [Obama] has raised has come from donors who made contributions of $200 or less,” says the WaPo. Ha, yes, that’s $150 million in small bills!
• Don’t worry, it was just some stupid clever kids who pulled that dead bear cub-wearing-Obama-signs stunt and had everyone thinking it was some stupid deranged McCain supporter.
• How that reporter got Bristol Palin‘s baby-daddy to talk.
• Feeling like the business press isn’t meeting your needs? You’re right!

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