Scorned Vet Attacks Oblivious Obama

In what is surely a preview of the orgy of attack ads we’ll be seeing in the coming months, a group called Vets for Freedom (VFF) has kicked off the Memorial Day weekend by releasing this commercial (above) featuring an Illinois soldier who has a bit of a bone to pick with Barack Obama. First of all, Sgt. Garrett Anderson, who was badly wounded while serving in Iraq, didn’t appreciate Obama not meeting with him and other Illinois veterans when they were in D.C. last month. More broadly, Anderson is not fond of Obama’s failure to ever have a mano-a-mano meeting with General David Petraeus or visit Iraq in the last two-and-a-half years while concurrently expressing an interest in meeting with Iran “or anyone else who hates our country.”

A decent enough gut-punch as far as attack ads go. And maybe one that could’ve been avoided?

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