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Barack Obama Shows That He Can Pander And Fold As Well As Any Other Politician

NOTE THE DUAL FLAG LAPEL PIN Obama Multitasks Cheap Symbolism (Photo: Getty Images)

As we’ve noted previously, the conventional wisdom holds that the Jews totally hate Barack Obama. But maybe not anymore? The Democratic presidential nominee has been trying to for a while to parse away some hard-to-miss hints of his possible pro-Palestinian tendencies, but his best attempt clearly took place yesterday at a conference held by AIPAC, America’s biggest pro-Israel political organization. There, the Democratic nominee put on such a good show that Hamas almost immediately revoked its previous, unsolicited endorsement of the great hope merchant. The key to pleasing the pro-Israel crowd, it seems, rests not with playing up how awesome it’s gonna be when you finally meet with a country that wants to wipe the Promised Land off the map, but rather with strongly suggesting that you’re pretty much in the bag for whatever the Israel lobby wants.