The Barack Obama-Joe Biden Rumor


There’s a political rumor making the rounds that, if true, would have massive ramifications on the state of the election. In fact, this postulate could have such profound effects on the race that we feel it’s very important to examine it and give it the thorough gloss it deserves. So: Will Barack Obama <a href="" tatget=" blank
“>dump Joe Biden as his running mate and install Hillary Clinton in a last-ditch attempt to save his campaign?

No. Stop believing every idiot e-mail that lands in your inbox. Idiot.

UPDATE: Remember when we did this on Monday? Well, today, England’s Daily Mail, that bastion of journalistic integrity, poses the question again, noting that “it has been given added weight by those who have not addressed it – namely Fight the Smears.” (Fight the Smears is the Obama campaign website dedicated to debunking malicious rumors and lies about the candidate.) Given that crucial fact, shouldn’t we review our initial position and reassess whether or not there may actually be some substance behind the story?

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