More of What You Need!


Love, Angel, Music, Baybay!: Gwen Stefani gave birth to a son, Zuma Nesta Rock, who’s bound to fetch, what?, $100k on the glossy market?

I meant, I thought about it: That part about Barack Obama shortlisting Hillary Clinton as a running mate? Never even got off the ground.

Maybe?: George Bush and Iraqi leaders have signed an agreement that just might get the U.S. combat forces out of Iraq by 2011.

Friends in low places: Not that he would ever think of doing it, but if Michael Bloomberg does run for a third term, he’s got Guv David Paterson‘s support.

Face/Off, for real!: After performing a face transplant on a Chinese man whose face was partially torn off by a bear, scientists are confirming that face transplants can work and aren’t a “medical oddity.”

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